“Jesus traveled around doing good.”

(Acts 10:38 CEB)

Here at Cannon, God has placed upon us a call to “do good.” “Do Good” is our churchwide emphasis and lies at the heart of who we are as a church and at the heart of the gospel. We believe more than ever our world needs us to do more good.

We look around and see a divided world over so many things…politics, theological issues and family just to name a few. There’s a growing amount of tensions between people. And it’s become hostile in many places of our lives. We believe God has called us to a different way. God created the heavens and the earth and all that was in it. God called creation good. Though, we humans sinned and fell from grace, God sent Jesus to restore us to goodness. It’s all rooted in God’s goodness.

Here are thoughts about what we mean when we say "Do Good:"

“Do Good is being an open vessel for the expression of God.”

“To do good means living my life as an example of what Christ did while here on Earth.  It’s more than just actions, but also in my words and deeds.”

 “In doing good, we must not speak harshly to one another. We must be openminded, accepting, and loving to one another. We must be generous with and respectful of time. We do good by providing for the bodies and the spirits of others, without being asked – offering food, shelter, joy, and inspiration to others at all times.”

For our community, for our families, and for our church, we seek together to find those places where we can agree what is good, and go and do it.

Let’s all do good.