Our goal is to help our infants and toddlers feel welcomed and loved in Jesus’ name, while allowing their parents to attend worship. We view all children the way Jesus does, precious and in need of His love.


Location and ages: 
Infant room: 6 weeks through walking, approximately 15 months old…. Room #1
Toddler Room: walking through 2 years old… Room #2
Two’s Room: two years of age…Room #3

Promotion of children will happen as they turn of age.

Things to Remember:
•    As a policy, we strive to have two or more team members in the room at all times.
•    Make sure your child is checked in at one of our check in Kiosks.
•    Please be sure all of your bottles, diaper bags and pacifiers are clearly labeled.
•    Please remember to bring a change of clothes, as well as diapers and ointments for rashes your child may need.
•    Parents are asked to stay outside of the nursery doors while dropping off your child.
•    Please notify our Nursery staff if your child is in the process of potty training.
•    If your child is ill, we will notify you immediately.

Illness Policy
Children may not visit the nursery or preschool or elementary rooms if:

•    They have had any diarrhea within the past 24 hours
•    They have had a fever greater than 100 degrees in the past 48 hours
•    They have been vomiting in the last 24 hours
•    They have had any signs of ear, eye or throat infections in the last 24 hours

Nursing mothers: 
We want to make sure you are most comfortable while you are nurturing your child.  We have provided for you a nursing room equipped with couches, rocking chairs, nursing pillow and restroom for your comfort. A staff member will be delighted to show you to the room.  Please be sure to place the sign on the door knob so as not to be disturbed.

Sasha LaBonte
Director of Children’s Ministries

Preschool Pals

Each week in Preschool Pals children learn about the love of Jesus through interactive play, storytelling,
music, and stations designed for free play and team interaction. Each month our students learn a Bible Verse and are rewarded prizes for their efforts.

We look forward to sharing and teaching the love of Christ with your children and family!


Location and ages: 
3-5 years of age is located in the John Wesley room, between the restrooms and kitchen.

Things to Remember: 
• We require your children to be fully potty trained before they are promoted to Preschool Pals.
•    Please be sure to take your child to the restroom before coming to class.
•    Bring an extra change of clothes as accidents do happen.
•  Please label coats and backpacks with our child’s name.
•  Please check allergy posting listed outside of classroom to advise teachers if there are problems.

 Promotion to Kindergarten happens at the end of the school year on our designated promotion Sunday.
***Promotion to our Preschool Pals happens once a child turns 3 and is potty trained.

Sasha LaBonte

Elementary K-4th

Large Group/ Small Group
For our K-4th grade children, our Children’s Ministry is set up a large group/small group format. Our program is called the “O-Zone”.

During large group time, kids will be invited to join in a high energy worship experience, and will learn a weekly Bible Lesson that follows along with the virtue of the month. What’s a virtue?

Virtue: something you can put in your heart, your mind, and in your everyday life, which reflects the character of God,

ex: compassion, kindness, and self-control

During our small group time, kids will learn to build meaningful relationships with their peers, and our Cannon Kids team members. Our team members will help kids review the Bible lesson and reemphasize what it means to live out the virtue in a fun, creative way!


Location and Ages
OZone is for K-4th grade, located on the 1st floor in the fellowship hall.

Things to Remember:
•    Make sure kids have their name tags
•    Make sure kids bring their Bibles
•    Let us know of any medical needs

Kids Cash
This is an incentive program for your elementary aged children. Each week your kids come to church,  they will receive kid cash for knowing their memory verse, bringing their Bible, bringing a friend, knowing the bottom line for the day, and so much more!

Our Kid Shop is open on the second Sunday of each month, located in the Fellowship Hall.

5th Grade

Our 5th graders have a separate program designed to be all their own. Our goal is to help them to make a transition from “Children’s Church,” to a preteen group. We are passionate about helping them grow and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, while forming their head knowledge to an active relationship with Jesus. Touching on topics that relate to what they are going through today with a scriptural emphasis, as well as books of the Bible studies.
We are excited to see you kids live out their faith with those around them!


5th grade class is on the second floor near the Sanctuary, located in room B202 towards the Youth Center.

Things to Remember: 
•    Remember your kids will need to be checked in with a name tag.
•    Bring a Bible
•    We have bi-monthly events for 5th graders, such as bowling, lock-ins, roller skating, laser tag, picnics, hiking, etc.

Keep an eye out on our weekly e-mails and newsletters for updated information on when those events are taking place.