9:30 & 11am classes available – scroll down to see the 11am opportunities

Sundays at 9:30am – You Are Invited!


Class Composition: Mixed gender class with both singles and couples, primarily ages 40-65
Focus: Study series that are Bible-based with a practical application in daily life
Contact: Anne Bender (770-757-2761)
Email: anne.bender@ncr.com

FAMILY TIES – Room: B308

Class Composition: Blend of adults with children ranging from preschool to early 20’s
Focus: Family/Adult Christian Study
New in January 2018: Anxious for Nothing; Finding Calm in a Chaotic World by Max Lucado and Creed; What Christians Believe and Why by Adam Hamilton
Contact: Patti Wills (770-978-8632) Email: kbswillis@bellsouth.net


Class Composition: Mixture of single adults and married couples
Focus: Lessons alternate between Bible based lessons or other curriculum as agreed upon
Contact: Claire Collins (678-344-7092) Email: clairegcollins@comcast.net

KOINONIA – Temporarily meeting in Room B203

Class Composition: Adults ages 35 – 90
Focus: Bible based study group that looks for Bible based curriculum applied to our modern lifestyles
Contact: Michael Caldwell (770-985-6310)
Email: mwcald@comcast.net


Class Composition: Senior adult singles and senior married couples
Focus: Bible study and Christian Study of life’s applications of the Word
Contact: John Wright (770-979-7415)
Email: wrightjohnh@comcast.net

SEEKERS – Temporarily meeting at the Angel House (located in the back of the Cannon Parking lot)

Class Composition: Ages 17 and older
Focus: Bible Study with lesson material suggested by the international Adult Bible Series
Contact: Jim Adams (770-923-9184)
Email: jimadams33@comcast.net


Come and join our active and fun group connecting families with young children to one another. Our focus is on pursuing God, building strong marriages, and growing Godly children. We also enjoy social activities together.

Contact: Laurel Tucker

9:30 & 11am classes available – scroll up to see the 9:30am opportunities

Sundays at 11am – You Are Invited!

OUTLAWS – Room: B302 at 10:45

Class Composition: Mixture of single adults and married couples
Focus: To remain dedicated to the studies of becoming a better Christ follower
Contact: Rose Purdy (770-972-6438)
Email: rosepurdy@att.net
Sundays at 11am – You Are Invited!


This is a new life stage class focused on young families.  This class realizes that parenting can be both rewarding and just a little bit challenging, leaving life feeling a little harried and messy sometimes.  It is good to have friends who are going through the same experiences. They are seeking to grow in in support to one another, in love with their life partners, and toward closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Come and join them! This class rotates leadership and study.

Contact: Kristen Williams (404.376.3357)



This class will begin on September 8 and will be co-led by Joyce Watson and Nancy Thompson. Please come join us for this new study group.

Contact: Joyce Watson