Every Sunday

September 9th – December 9th

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM in the Youth Center

Confirmation is a program for students 6th grade and older to teach the fundamentals of the Christian faith and United Methodist Church. It culminates with an opportunity for students to profess their faith, be baptized, and join the church. Classes start September 23rd and materials are available for pick-up on September 9th in the Youth Center. If you’re interested in being part of this year’s class, please contact Steve Ridley.

Click here to register you or your student for this year’s Confirmation.


High School Fall Retreat

September 14th -16th

Cost $125

CALLING ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS! There is a High School Fall Retreat September 14th – 16th. Cost is $125. Sign up to go whitewater rafting in Tennessee and enjoy a weekend filled with adventure, fun with friends, and spiritual renewal. **A late bus will be available for those who need it and will be leaving Friday night.**

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30 Hour Famine

September 29th – 30th

Cost $25

Sign-up for our 30 Hour Famine lock-in on September 29th – September 30th. Everyone will arrive at 9:00 AM in the Youth Center where everything will begin. We will fast through the day and it will end September 30th at 1 PM at the Homecoming luncheon after church. There will be juice breaks available for everyone participating. This is a chance for you to help raise money for World Vision, a company that we work closely with by sponsoring two children through them and donating money to help them purchase things they need to help other third world communities.

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