Sondra Jones

Senior Pastor

Skip Johnson

Associate Pastor

Susan Ackerman

Accounting/Database Manager

Angie Ball

Communications Manager

Sherrye Beebe

Director of AfterSchool Ministries

Jill Brunelle

Pastoral Administrator

Martha Clay

Associate Minister of Music

Jan Dwyer

Minister of Welcome & Hospitality

Heather Gallagher

Administrative Assistant, Preschool

Kimberly Goodyear

Assistant Director
of Children’s Ministry

Chelsea Herndon

Accounting Assistant /
Calendar Coordinator

Sasha LaBonte

Children’s Pastor

Sara Landry

AfterSchool/Summer Camp Admin

Karen Mayes

Director of Weekday Preschool

Jennifer Langley

Minister of Music

Steve Ridley

Youth Pastor

Ryne Swords

Minister of Worship Media