Sundays at 9:30am – You Are Invited!


If you have questions or want more information, please contact Jan Dwyer.


CROSSFIRES –   Room B213 (Conference Room)

Class Composition: Mixed gender class with both singles and couples, primarily ages 50-75
Focus: Study series that are Bible-based with a practical application in daily life
Contact: Anne Bender (770-757-2761)

FAITH TIES –  Room B304

Class Composition: Mixture of single adults and married couples
Focus: Studies are carefully chosen to heighten our knowledge of the Bible and teach us ways to live a Christ-like life in the 21st Century.

Contact: Donna Hill (770 274-9724 )  Email:

Curriculum: Bob Hubbard

KOINONIA –  Room B313

Class Composition: Adults ages 35 – 90
Focus: Bible based study group that looks for Bible based curriculum applied to our modern lifestyles

Contacts:  Bob Cline (770 543 8231) & Diane Cline (770 317 0751)

Email: bcline1027@comcast .net



Class Composition: Senior adult singles and senior married couples
Focus: Bible study and Christian Study of life’s applications of the Word

Group Contact: Rick Adams (770 680 5811) Email:

SEEKERS –  Meeting in B310/311

Class Composition: Adult Singles and Couples
Focus: Bible Study with lesson material from the International Adult Bible Series

Contact: Kathryn Schendel


Come and join our active and fun group connecting families with young children to one another. Our focus is on pursuing God, building strong marriages, and growing Godly children. We also enjoy social activities together.

Contact: Laurel Tucker  Email:

Belle Baker  Email:

OUTLAWS –  Room B302

Class Composition: Mixture of single adults and married couples
Focus: To remain dedicated to the studies of becoming a better Christ follower

Group Leader: Rose Purdy  (404 234 1680)  Email: